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تقييم FIFA19 Player 20-11

2018-09-12 09:26

The FIFA 19 player rating is based on the player's performance on the court over the past year. Next, I will introduce you to the FIFA 19 players with a score of 11-20 and a brief introduction to the players.



Aguero has come up big for Manchester City over the years, scoring crucial goals at some of the club’s most important moments. But even with this history, the experienced Argentine striker remains at the top of his game, able to beat nearly any defender with the ball at his feet (89 Dribbling) and finish even the most impossible-looking chances (89 Shooting) that come his way.



An old-school defender with a modern mindset, Chiellini has been a steadfast presence in Italian football for a long time. His modest 82 Physical rating allows him to go toe-to-toe with even the burliest of forwards, but it’s his 91 Defending rating that explains the ball-winning ability and controlled aggression that makes him close to peerless amongst the world’s defenders.



Though he spent much of his career as a winger, the flying Frenchman reached new heights of respect and stardom after moving to center forward. Able to lead the line elegantly and effectively, Griezmann uses his 88 Dribbling and 86 Pace to slip behind the lines and send the defence reeling before unleashing another rocket towards goal, courtesy of his impressive 86 Shooting rating.



Often described as an old-fashioned center forward, there is nothing outdated about Kane’s sheer ability to put the ball in the back of the net. No matter what sort of goal chances Kane gets, his 90 Shooting rating shows that he can do something with just about any of them, from diving headers to distant volleys.



Despite his humble exterior, the compact Frenchman is the quiet essential midfield cog for every team he plays for. Kanté is a complete midfielder in every sense, just as proficient at tackling and marking (87 Defending) as he is at bossing opponents around (84 Physical) and bringing the ball forward to initiate attacks (81 Dribbling).



The young Slovenian goalkeeper is already one of the best even at a young age, exemplified by his composure (92 Handling), athleticism (86 Diving), and razor-sharp reaction saves (89 Reflexes). A regular award-winner in LaLiga, it’s safe to say that he will only get better with increased experience at the highest level.



Fresh off a move to Real Madrid, the Belgium international is ready to impress upon his return to LaLiga this season. Courtois is not only a defensive asset with his impressive 88 Reflexes and 87 Diving skills, but his ability to hold onto the ball and slip it to a teammate for a quick counterattack (91 Handling) is why he continues to play for renowned clubs.



Highly experienced with both club and country, Godín isn’t flashy and ostentatious like some modern center backs—he sticks to the basics and does them extremely well. Thanks to a respectable 84 Physical rating, the Uruguayan deals well with forwards big and small with relative ease. Godín’s 89 Defending covers the many abilities that he has honed and perfected during his long career, from hard tackling to intelligent, quick evaluation of any game situation.



Known for an occasionally aggressive, high-risk/high-reward style of goalkeeping, the German is tremendously versatile. He tops the ratings charts for crucial goalkeeper skills, like a 91 Diving and 88 Reflexes. He stands out among other notable shot-stoppers with his distribution; whether it’s playing as a “sweeper-keeper” due to a 91 Kicking rating or making a pinpoint throw to a teammate, Neuer’s presence is so strong that it’s almost like having an 11th outfield player.



Topping the Bundesliga scoring charts season after season, Lewandowski has effectively cemented his place as a legend leading the line in Germany’s top league. Though he looks, on the surface, to be a very traditional center forward with his 89 Shooting and 82 Physical ratings, his 85 Dribbling displays a technical ability that equals being well-rounded as a striker, able to weave his way past defenders before smashing the ball into the back of the net.

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