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FIFA 24: New Patch In EA FC 24 Update 3 Addresses Gameplay Changes

2023-10-16 08:49

Following the release of EA Sports FC 24 on September 29, the new game's third patch was updated last week. This title update 3 focuses on stability changes and bug fixes and is available across all platforms, PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. Check out the latest patch notes here to see if changes and issues in EA FC 24 have been addressed and how gameplay has changed.


Ultimate Team


The following issues have been addressed,


In rare cases, players could disappear from matches after a substitution or red card.

Sometimes, the "Continue" option in the post-match menu didn't work unless another menu on the post-match screen was visited first.

An issue with the Ada Hegerberg player item causing gameplay-affecting problems has been fixed. The item will be available for matches after a server release in the near future.

Sometimes, when using the Squad Builder, player items were placed in the wrong positions.

When opening Stadium Item Packs in Ultimate Team, an unwanted animation with placeholder text occurred.

The screen before starting a Squad Battles game showed a duration of 6 minutes instead of the intended 4 minutes per half. However, this was just a visual issue.

The timer for weekly Rivals rewards and the end of the season were swapped, but this was only a visual issue.

Some Stadium objects in the store were not displayed on the first selection.

PlayStyles+ didn't display the plus symbol on a player's bio screen.

In rare cases, stadium goal pyrotechnics could appear in the middle of the field.

When trying to exit a category in the store, the entire store was sometimes closed.

The Shortcuts menu could work slower than intended on the Leaderboards screens.

Some UI elements had text colors and background combinations that were hard to read.

In some special cases, menu shortcuts didn't send players to the intended location.

In a rare scenario, menu shortcuts could disrupt preview pack animations.

Some Stadium Item rewards were not visible in seasonal objectives rewards.

When selecting a Manager item on the Squad screen and opening the Club tab, search results didn't always display Manager items.

[PS5/XBSX|S/PC] A double walkout scenario could trigger two different songs simultaneously.

[PS5/XBSX|S/PC] A stability issue could occur when trying to play two-on-one Co-Op Classic matches.

[PC] The store could not be entered with certain resolutions.

[Switch] A stability issue could occur when starting a "Play Against a Friend" match.




The following changes have been made:


The ball speed on manually requested clearances has been increased.

The turning speed while jockeying has been slightly increased when players are moving at lower speeds.

The ball speed on ground and driven passes from players with PlayStyles "Pinged Pass" and "Pinged Pass+" has been slightly reduced.

The likelihood of a player with PlayStyles "Long Throw" and "Long Throw+" being selected for a throw-in in advanced areas of the field has been increased.

Sometimes, the goalkeeper could run beyond their intended position when coming out of the goal.

Players without the PlayStyles "Intercept" and "Intercept+" could perform context-based sliding interceptions.

The PlayStyles "Pinged Pass" and "Pinged Pass+" unintentionally affected first-time passes.

Sometimes, players performed inauthentic movements when attempting to control the ball.

In some specific scenarios, auto-switching did not follow the player's auto-switching control settings during aerial duels.

A context-based volley was incorrectly executed in some header duels.

A requested header could sometimes lead to a tackle.

When the attacker ran directly at the defender, the defender could sometimes put the ball in the path of the dribbler instead of tackling.

Some players did not experience fitness decreases after Playable Highlights matches.

During a corner kick, an incorrect idle animation could sometimes be played before execution.

Improved referee logic for deciding fouls in situations where the ball carrier shields the ball

Improved referee logic for deciding offside calls in situations where defenders miss an interception.

Improved referee logic for deciding fouls in situations where players compete for the ball while it's in the air.

In some cases, players who jumped over the advertising boards could pass through non-playable characters when returning to the field.

In some situations, slide tackle animations were not played correctly.

An unintended animation could occur with a Stop And Face Goal request.

Sometimes, a shot could cause the ball to pass through a defender's foot during a tackle.

In rare cases, moving player positions in Team Management during a match could cause players to disappear from the game.

After a context-based sliding pass situation, the controlled player sometimes did not automatically switch to the intended receiver for the pass.

In some cases, a player's feet appeared not to make contact with the ground.

After a save animation, goalkeepers could unnaturally transition to another animation in some cases.

In some cases, goalkeepers did not celebrate passionately enough after making important saves.

Improvement of several player emotion animations.

While jogging, the ball carrier could sometimes stick their foot through the ball when turning.

When the ball carrier won the ball after a tackle, they sometimes did not immediately follow a quick direction input change.

Reduced the frequency with which CPU AI goalkeepers could perform fake throws.

CPU AI players could perform possession-losing Knock-Ons (letting the ball bounce off) too frequently.

Sometimes, goalkeepers could abruptly drop the ball after the final whistle.

[Switch] Goalkeepers could not save penalties to the upper corner.

[Switch] Sometimes, the ball could pass through the goal net.




The following issues have been fixed,


In Drop-In games, the connection to opponents could sometimes be lost, resulting in affected games not starting.

After completing a game, the player summary was not always displayed correctly.

A stability issue after completing a game has been fixed.

The Club Rankings did not always display information when accessed by a player who was not a member of a club.

Skill Games incorrectly used the base attributes of Virtual Pros.

Virtual Pros without a club could wear an unwanted jersey in menus.


Career Mode


The following issues have been fixed,


After signing a new player in Manager Career Mode, the best possible deal could display an incorrect value.

Custom tactics could be reset to default settings when adjusted outside of matches in Manager Career Mode.

Goalkeepers from the Youth Academy did not have PlayStyles in Manager Career Mode.

A stability issue could occur when attempting to dismiss a coach in Manager Career Mode.

In Manager Career Mode, the "Apply" button on the Wishlist did not function as intended.

Some activities were incorrectly displayed during the calendar tutorial in Manager Career Mode.

In Player Career Mode, the Retirement Gift activity could occur multiple times for the same player.

In Player Career Mode, the Scout Bonus was not applied to some objectives.

The camera did not follow the player correctly in the Player Career Set Pieces Training Drill.




The following issues have been fixed,


The Team Keepaway Arcade game did not always end when the timer ran out.

In some VOLTA Arcade games, a complete goal was mistakenly present.


General, Audio, and Visual


The following changes have been made,


162 Star Heads have been updated and will appear in the game after an upcoming server release.

Some stadiums, sound effects, presentation packages, crowd noises, button calls, boots, UI elements, and fonts have been updated.

Sometimes, the PlayStyle+ indicator was displayed incorrectly.

Some scenes before and after the game could have visual problems.

A stability issue could occur when changing commentary language and teams.

Issues with placeholder text have been fixed.

Issues with disappearing and hard-to-read UI elements have been fixed.

After 120 minutes of gameplay, substitute players could sometimes sit in incorrect positions.

During referee scenes from the ego perspective, players could sometimes pass through advertising boards.

In some cases, the ball deformation upon impact was not correct, but this was only a visual issue.

The Defending Trainer was incorrectly active for all Training Center chapters, not just the Defending chapter.

The Online Seasons leaderboard did not always display data for all friends.

[PS5, German players only] The Virtual Bundesliga was removed from the main menu with the intention of returning closer to the competition's start.

[Switch] After downloading and selecting a specific commentary language, another available language could be displayed.

[Switch] Local Seasons statistics could be incorrectly reset.

[PS4] After completing an Online Seasons or Co-Op Seasons game, selecting the "Next Game" option could lead to a stability issue.

[PS4/XB1] A rare stability issue could occur in the Online Seasons menu.

[PC] In tournament matches, pausing the game did not always work if the EA app overlay had been opened previously.


That’s it for EA FC 24 Update 3 patch notes! If you have any questions, you can contact EA FC 24 official instructions at any time.

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