Bonus Coins

Available on April 5th

What should you share to your friends?

You have used service of for a long time, did you have good experience with us? If so, why not inviting your friends to They can buy safe and cheap fifa coins, open packs to earn more coins, just like what you enjoy in
The most important thing is, you can get 50K bonus coins for free!
How to get free coins?

1. There is a Link for you to share to your friends.
2. Your friends come to and sign up to be our customers.
3. If 3 of them place orders(at least 100k each order) through the link you shared, you will get 50k bonus coins as rewards!
If you had successfully shared to your friends (3 of them placed orders), just click the button “Claim Rewards” to get 50K coins. The coins will be added to your account balance automatically.

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