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OTW Investing

2017-10-10 08:41

Just this week, the first batch of Ones to Watch cards were released alongside the official release of the game. These dynamic cards are unique in their characteristics, and understanding how to manipulate them in the market can yield lots of profit.

Firstly, lets start off with understanding what can impact a OTW card and its price. Unlike a typical special card, these will change depending on if the player receives a Team of the Week, Man of the Match, European Team of the Tournament, Hero or Record Breaker In-Form over the course of the domestic season. You’re paying for potential when buying these cards, so finding the right time to buy and sell can be one of the most profitable method over the year.

As these cards are dynamic, player will be watching real-life games to try and buy the player when his value isn’t reflective of what the card will become (i.e Michael Keane scoring a goal would likely secure him for an In-Form). This allows for a more volatile but easy short term method of investing. If you watch key players during games and are quick enough, you can wait for them to score a goal or get a few assists and quickly buy them, then wait a bit for hype to take over and cause their price to spike. For example, just this weekend, Yarmolenko got a goal and assist. His card was worth around 60-70k before the game, and during the time he got an assist, he was selling for 130k. If you were quick enough to get him for 70k even, a lot of quick profit could have been made.

Despite the quick returns of the previous method, it is not the best since it’s not easy to buy a player quickly. You’ll be trying against hundreds of others which can make it frustrating. Another safer method is to bank on hype. After a match day where the player hasn’t done anything special (typically Monday or Tuesday), the demand for OTW cards decreases and so does their price. If you purchase then, you can wait for the hype to pick back up near the weekend when they have another shot for an In-Form. Even if they don’t play, their price will most certainly rise based on people paying more interest in them at that time. Them being in the starting XI can raise the price alone. Selling then and buying back later on is a easy method, provided you’re looking at the right players (look for OTW’s with good leagues, nations, and desirable stats)

The previous method is a smooth method, but what do you do when the player you have performs well enough for a OTW? Always sell before the TOTW comes out. This is when the players price is at their peak, and waiting for the official release will almost always cause the price to drop. Not only do you secure your money in the case that the player doesn’t get a special card, but you beat the crowd and can wait for a panic sellers (people trying to list their cards immediately after, at a lower market price than needed) to re-invest your coins.

For many of these techniques, you need a good amount of capital to buy the better OTW cards. They are the ones that fluctuate the most and bring the most profits (don’t expect Theo Hernandez to increase in price much for example). The best way to stock up on coins is to purchase them are give yourself starting capital. Even 100k can help you build your way up and cut out the most tedious part of the grind. FIFACOIN is the best website in the market to provide safe and reliable coins for an affordable price that lets build out their squads, open packs, or complete SBC’s.

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