Bonus Coins

Available on April 5th

Fifacoin.com is preparing big events which will give away coins that worth $38,000. All the participants will have a fairly chance to win during the activity . It’s funny and easy to join just by opening packs. Further more, each customer can get a free pack when order amount reaches 300k on PS4 and Xbox one, 8,500K on PC(Only by Robo Auto - System 2.0). Big amount of coins are waiting for you to win in packs. Below is how it works:

Any order in the tables will enjoy one free pack accordingly, all the free packs will be sent to Member Center automatically. The more coins you buy the higher value of free pack you'll get.
Notice: Please use the free pack before it is expired. Valid until 19 Mar UK.

Buy coins to get free pack now?

Who will be the winner depends on the final ranking. The winners will be announced on our Social media and blog. The prize, as FIFA 17 coins, will be sent to the winners Member Center account in three days after the event is ended. PS:Prize coins can be easily withdrawn to FUT account.

So why not open packs now? Wish you good luck!