Bonus Coins

Available on April 5th
الاسم Rating Delivery Time
Robert Lewandowski
98 Poland ST toty 1-24 hours
75.57 SAR
اشتر الآن
Vinícius José de Oliveira Júnior
89 Brazil LW headliners_2 1-24 hours
235.85 SAR
اشتر الآن
Mohamed Salah
94 Egypt RW headliners_2 1-24 hours
179.78 SAR
اشتر الآن
João Pedro Cavaco Cancelo
91 Portugal RB headliners_2 1-24 hours
39.05 SAR
اشتر الآن
Rafael da Conceição Leão
89 Portugal LW headliners_2 1-24 hours
36.77 SAR
اشتر الآن
Nicolò Barella
90 Italy CM headliners_2 1-24 hours
33.24 SAR
اشتر الآن
Joshua Kimmich
94 Germany CDM headliners_2 1-24 hours
28.67 SAR
اشتر الآن
Mohamed Salah
92 Egypt RW TOTGS 1-24 hours
123.86 SAR
اشتر الآن
C. Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro
92 Portugal ST TOTGS 1-24 hours
117.24 SAR
اشتر الآن
Lionel Messi
94 Argentina RW TOTW 1-24 hours
83.05 SAR
اشتر الآن
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The price of the player card will change according to the market's real-time price.
After the player is bought, please go to Member Center-Orders-Player Withdraw History to check.
Please don't buy the same player before we finished transferring it, or we'll fail to send you the player.
We will refund you if the players we can't buy for you on the transfer market, but please confirm it via LiveChat.
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